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Realms Update

Since announcing Realms, I’ve had a few people indicate some disappointment in the fact that we went trade paperback.

Say no more…

We’re going to do a small run of hardcovers for the die-hards among us.  Both editions will be available through Amazon, but for now, they are only available on the Wyrm website.  I’ve extended our 30% off special to the hardcover and lengthened the sale until August 17th, after which, it goes back to list price.  No, I don’t have a count on the total number of hardcovers that will be printed.  We have some time to tinker with the numbers.  If you ordered the trade paperback and want to upgrade to hardcover, just email me.

So, a recap:

Realms:  The Trade Paperback
Realms:  The Hardcover

Preorder sale through August 17th.  Payment required on publication, which will be early November… debuting at the World Fantasy Convention.


August Issue of Clarkesworld Magazine


30 Days Left

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  1. Every time I see Realms I automatically think of Realms of Fantasy. 🙂

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