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Readercon Schedule and Last Chance to Vote

Just a few pieces of news to report:

Readercon is next week and I have my schedule:

Dealer’s Room: Friday 4-7, Saturday 10-6, Sunday 10-2.

I’ll also be at Paul Tremblay’s reading for “There’s No Light Between Floors” from Clarkesworld Magazine.

Friday 2:30 PM. Reading (30 min.)

Today is the last day to vote in the StorySouth Million Writers Award for Best Online Fiction.  Catherynne M. Valente’s “Urchin’s, While Swimming” is slugging it out for the top spot.   It’s been a real nail-biter these last few days with the top three trading lead between them.  You can read the top ten stories and vote here.


Gender and Clarkesworld


Eamonn Strikes Again….


  1. We should record this. 🙂

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