Readercon is fast approaching and this year's program is now available. I'll be on one panel:

Saturday July 14, 11:00 AM    ME    Genre Magazines in the 21st Century. Scott H. Andrews (leader), Steve Berman, Neil Clarke, Shawna McCarthy, Gordon Van Gelder.What goes into keeping genre magazines fresh and afloat in current times? In this open discussion, magazine professionals provide advice to would-be editors and publishers regarding securing distribution, finding material, marketing and promoting, etc. along with success and cautionary stories.

I'll also be hanging out at the Clarkesworld table in dealer's room selling off old inventory at deep discounts and promoting Wyrm and Clarkesworld Magazine projects. 

If you're attending Readercon and know that there are books or magazines still listed on our old website that you'd like, send me a list and I'll try to bring them. Figure that unsigned trade edition books will probably be $1 paperback, $5 trade paperback or $10 hardcover. (Signed books, limited editions and rarer small press titles will be priced individually.)  I may play with prices over the course of the weekend because I really want this stuff gone. If you want a substantial quantity (10 or more), we can wheel and deal via email in advance. Best place to reach me is at the magazine email address neil (a t) Dealers welcome. Orders must be picked up at the con.