Still sick, but the updates keep coming in…

Update from PS Publishing

It appears that three new books will start shipping next week. Shipping time from the UK is typically 2-3 weeks so we should have these early April. The books are:

* THE DEVIL DELIVERED by Stephen Erikson (in Signed Hardcover and Signed Paperback)
* LITTLE MACHINES by Paul McAuley (in Signed Slipcased Hardcover and Signed Hardcover)
* DON’T TURN OUT THE LIGHT ed. by Stephen Jones (in Signed Slipcased Hardcover and Signed Hardcover)

Just in from Subterranean Press:

* POSING AS PEOPLE by Orson Scott Card Signed Hardcover with CDs
* ZOMBIE JAM by David Schow Signed Hardcover

I’ve been toying with our website lately and replaced most of the design and logo with something I thought looked better. It’s just the first phase of several updates that will include several customer service modules to the site. Things like order tracking and wish lists aren’t functions the third party cart we use supports. I have to build them myself. But first… I get rid of this cold.