Preliminary Reading for New Anthologies

I have two more reprint anthologies scheduled for 2017:

  1. More Human than Human (Night Shade Books, 250K words) – androids, synths, replicants, and other artificial humans.
  2. War Machines (Prime Books, ~200K words) – the machines of war, whether they be independent in thought or controlled by an operator

There will be an open call for submissions for both projects within the next month, but at this point I am in the preliminary reading phase, looking for stories that I can build around and use to set the overall tone/direction. (I already have some in mind, but that could change as this process unfolds.)

If you would like to recommend some stories from the last twenty years that you think I should be considering, please feel free to leave a comment on this post or email me at neil (at)


16 thoughts on “Preliminary Reading for New Anthologies

  1. A.C. Wise says:

    Foxfire, Foxfire by Yoon Ha Lee, and Tideline by Elizabeth Bear were the first two that came to mind, but they’re probably already on your list…

  2. Effie Seiberg says:

    Another recommendation for Merc’s “How to become a robot” piece for the first antho. It’s brilliant and moving.

    You might enjoy my piece “Rocket Surgery” from last year’s Jan/Feb issue of Analog, about a sentient smart bomb.

  3. Miles Trombley says:

    Can the stories be any type of genre as long as they have robots in it? Or do the stories have to follow themes about robots? I have a story with characters who can change into robots, but the entire theme is about them stopping terrorists from destroying an alien empire on a distant planet. Transforming into robots are basically their super powers. If it doesn’t work, I can come up with another idea.

    • Neil Clarke says:

      Miles: Not sure about the changing into robots thing, but there should be androids, and that they are androids should be relevant. If in doubt, simply submit it during the open reading period and I’ll decide on a case-by-case basis.

  4. Miles Trombley says:

    Ok. My concept is unique. They can be considered as cyborgs if that is alright. I will let you read it whenever you can. Thank you.

  5. Miles Trombley says:

    Ok. There is no war in my draft. Only battles and terrorist attacks. Plus their robotic forms are built for combat. Think Transformers, except humans who can transform into war machines.

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