Magazines have been pouring in during the last few days. I’m like a pig in mud. New issues of Analog, Argosy, Asimov’s, Cthulhu Sex, Interzone, and The Third Alternative are now available in the store. We should have Dark Discoveries soon.

Babbage Press just sent email stating that BLUEBOUND by Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens will start shipping at the end of the month. It’s a Galen Sword short-story in chapbook form. It will be released in three editions:

Unsigned chapbook 500 copies.

Signed chapbook – One hundred hand-sewn, numbered copies are signed by the authors on a black & white
signature page. The cover stock is Stardream, a 105 lb. Citrine Mica from Italy. It was
issued in a translucent, marbled vellum envelope.

Signed lettered chapbook – Twenty-six lettered copies signed by the authors, editor, illustrator, and designer on
a color signature page. This edition features Japanese stab-binding,blue Hindumomi
metallic paper from India over boards, embedded blue tiles, and a silver message tube. Will include a reading copy of the unsigned chapbook.