From the 18th through the 20th, I’ll be at Philcon in Cherry Hill, NJ. Here’s my schedule:

Sat 12:00 PM in Autograph Table—Autographs: D.L. Carter and Neil Clarke 

Sat 5:00 PM in Plaza II (Two)—Can Interplanetary Governments Actually Work? 
Michael A. Ventrella (mod), Neil Clarke, James Beall, Ariel Cinii, Tom Purdom, John Skylar

Empires, Federations, Alliances… there are many examples of various types of interplanetary, or interstellar, governments found in science fiction. But would any form of government actually work if it were extended between worlds, star systems, or even galaxies? We will examine how governing bodies might work over such long distances… or even if they can!

Sat 6:00 PM in Plaza III (Three)—The Care & Feeding of Editors
Neil Clarke, Phil Giunta, Stephen Mazur, Hildy Silverman

The best editor-writer relationship is highly creative and energetic, with both sides open to new ideas, and the focus on synthesizing something they can be proud of, rather than being concerned about egos. Developing a great relationship requires a combination of common human decency and good business sense. But what can you do if your editor- or writer- doesn’t understand that?

Sun 12:00 PM in Crystal Ballroom Three—Small Press Magazine Panel 
Michael D. Pederson (mod), Brian Koscienski, Hildy Silverman, Alyce Wilson, Neil Clarke, Diane Weinstein

The editors discuss what goes into creating their publications, from the economics of staying viable in the electronic age to getting appropriate submissions.