Phantom Magazine and Clarkesworld Magazine

My just listed PHANTOM #0 for preorder on our site. Here’s the contents:

* Petition to Repatriate Geronimo’s Skull by F. Brett Cox
* Tremors by Ann Sterzinger
* Mono by Ben Peek
* Feeding the Machine by Paul G. Tremblay
* Night Watch by Darren Speegle
* The Changeling by Sarah Langan
* Everything is Better With Zombies by Hannah Wolf Bowen
* The Royal Zoo Is Closed by Laird Barron

* Interview with Stewart O’Nan by Paul G. Tremblay

If you are going to World Fantasy Convention, you’ll be getting a free copy. If not, you can purchase a copy through us.

And in Clarkesworld Magazine news:

We’ve accepted a story by Elizabeth Bear (matociquala). “Orm the Beautiful” will likely appear in the February issue. You won’t be able to order the individual chapbook of that issue for a few months yet, but you can subscribe now.

5 thoughts on “Phantom Magazine and Clarkesworld Magazine

  1. eldritch00 says:

    Damn that looks good! I don’t know all the authors, but the ones whose names ring a bell are certainly interesting writers.

    On an unrelated note, I have a question here that I’m sure you can answer, given that you’re one of the biggest Tim Powers fans I know.

    Thanks in advance, Neil!

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