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A couple of days ago, my three-year-old son, Eamonn, was playing around and kicked me while I was putting him in bed. At the time, it stung and I brushed it off. It still hurt yesterday and today it was even worse. I can’t yawn or sneeze. The pain shuts that right down. Turns out that the little stinker bruised my ribs and I’m in for 4-6 weeks of recovery.



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  1. Ow yuck. Feel better, dude.

  2. Sorry, man. When my kids were that age, they both seemed determined to step on my testicles every time they sat in my lap, I played on the floor with them, etc. I was terrified that they were going to geld me.

  3. Sorry about the owie, but that was a pretty good kick for a three year old. Maybe he has a future in soccer.

  4. Ouch. Recover soon.

  5. I have nothing but empathy for the pain: I broke a rib last March in a bicycle accident. Whatever you do, make sure you’re sitting down if you feel the need to sneeze: it’s bad enough now, but about two weeks in, the pain will literally shut you down. (In my case, I was glad that someone caught me the first time I sneezed, and since I weigh in at just under 100 kilos, that was one hell of a catch.)

    • It was a sneeze that convinced me that I had to go to the doctor. Very unpleasant.

      • Again, dead seriously, make an appointment with a recliner or a well-padded couch if you’re planning to sleep. It may not be as comfortable as you’d like, but it’s a damn sight better than desperately fighting for breath in your sleep on a standard soft mattress. In my case, I couldn’t sleep in a real bed for nearly eight weeks; since you’re only bruised, you shouldn’t have to do so for that long, but the first couple of weeks are the worst.

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