Ok. I think this is it…

A big thanks to everyone who took the time to comment on the earlier draft.  I had some great suggestions from both on and off LJ.   I definitely owe a big thanks to Robert N. Lee who suggested some of the more obvious changes.   This is quite probably the final draft:

I settled on just plain old Issue 1. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that the volume x, issue x wasn’t for me. I tend to prefer the real issue number (or date) on the covers of magazines. I would have went with date, but the online and print publication dates are different and I didn’t want to confuse people.

8 thoughts on “Ok. I think this is it…

  1. r_urell says:

    Sooo…. I thought, I should support this burgeoning venue, especially since I’m right now writing a story with intent to sell, and I hopped on over to the Clarkesworld site. I had every intention of subscribing to the magazine, and then it became quite clear that I’d not been paying enough attention to the CW Magazine announcements here and at Nick’s journal. It appears one can’t actually, you know, subscribe. Huh. Guess I’ll just have to take my CW fiction for the low, low asking price of…my computer’s operating cost.

    • wyrmadmin says:

      The fiction can be read online for free, but there is also a limited edition signed numbered chapbook of each issue being produced. They can be bought individually or as a 6 month subscription here on the Clarkesworld Books website. At the end of a year, we’ll produce a collection of all the stories in one book. (No limited edition on that one.)

  2. tbclone47 says:

    Yeah, nice work, sir. We also do issue # for Talebones, and not volume numbers. Don’t need ’em unless coming out VERY often. (And we add the season and year.)

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