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Not Dead Yet

Ever since the sale was announced, I’ve been swamped.  Can’t complain too much.  I’m quite thankful that so many people want to help get some books out of here and keep my wife sane.  My sanity, however, is slipping.  (an example would be the one break I had becoming the Little Drummer Boy radio show)  Since Clarkesworld Books is a one-man show, I have been processing and packing orders in almost all of my free time for a week now.  Not the brightest thing to do this before the holidays either.  I stress out over picking gifts.  If only more of my family read!  To put the icing on the cake, a transformer blew and damaged two of my servers at work.  Three long days of work with people going “what’s wrong” and having to explain why DHCP is actually important to their daily lives.  I’m the only technology professional here.  (insert long agonized scream)

So, no, I’m not dead yet.  I just feel that way.  I know I owe a few people emails and will get to them soon.  The day job lets out for the holidays tomorrow, so maybe life will get a little easier.  🙂

In other news:

We have a change in lineup for the January issue of Clarkesworld Magazine.  Caitlin R. Kiernan was scheduled to have story in this issue, but she needs more time, so we’ve moved Elizabeth Bear’s “Orm the Beautiful” over from the February issue. 


We need help


Holiday madness and a cool new toy


  1. Well, I was impressed with your lightning fast shipping. I got the invoice for my order yesterday and when I got home, the books were there. 🙂 Maybe Santa’s has been leasing his sleigh?

    • And on the other hand I have some people waiting 10+ days for their books to show up. There’s nothing quite like the good old USPS. 🙂

  2. My order just arrived, much quicker than I expected with the holiday shipping madness upon us, and I really appreciated the attention to detail with which it was packed, since my mailperson takes perverse joy in squashing my stuff.

    So thanks.

    Perhaps you could teach the kid to channel his energy into wrapping books instead of, say, kicking you in the ribs? Like my dad always told me, they’re really more like child labor suggestions….

    • Trust me, if I could put those kids to work, I’d be all over it. If Eamonn can bruise my ribs, just image what he can do to a package! I think the USPS wants to recruit him.

  3. I received the Irvine book today, Neil, and appreciate it getting here so fast. And man, that was probably the most well-protected book I’ve ever received; I was almost hesitant to remove it from all the bubble wrap and packing peanuts because it looked so comfortable in there. 🙂

    • 🙂 If you can’t tell from my comments so far… I’ve had bad experiences with packages in the mail, so I pack to survive the worst they can throw at it. Had one person tell me his box got plowed in during a storm and he didn’t find it until the snow started to melt a week later. I just assume things like that will happen.

  4. I share your technalogical pain. Best one I have, though, is that once at my old work (a place where servers were quite vital!) a guy came in and span the dial on the wall down to twenty from forty, saying “that’s why it’s so hot in here!” The others of us in the got about two syllables into the sentence “No! That’s the cut off temperature dial not the air-con temperature!” before the entire room went into power down, with a sort of descending woosh noise that I’d only previously heard in science fiction movies…

    We laugh about it now.

  5. btfw.. happy holidays!

    i’ve been enjoying the work. [the writing]

    and completely hoping that you are settled soon.. in all ways possible.

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