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Cheryl Morgan has informed me of her intention to step down as the non-fiction editor at Clarkesworld. She has stated some of the reasons on her blog and I don’t want to get into a discussion about that. While I would have much preferred her to continue working with us, I understand the situation and the path that brought her to this decision. I wish her all the best and will miss working with her. Cheryl, thanks for everything you’ve done for us at Clarkesworld and beyond.

To those of you reveling in her decision… it’s time to grow up and move on. I’m embarrassed to see some people I considered friends among you.

As for Clarkesworld, well, I’m looking for a new non-fiction editor. If you’re interested in being considered for the position, please email me at neil(at) I’ll need to know a bit about your experience (if any) and what you’d do with this opportunity. I’m not opposed to making changes, so include your suggestions.


Irene headed this way…


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  1. I’m interested, but I’m more of a copyeditor than editor; I tend to have a fairly light touch, as I prefer to let individual styles show through. (Not everyone MUST use a serial comma. Though I much prefer it.) I do have a fairly broad science background, having majored in chemistry and pharmacy, and minored in biology & psychology. But I suspect that isn’t hard to find in fandom.

    I sincerely regret Cheryl’s leaving, and I believe she is doing so for the wrong reasons. She should stand up to the bullies. I also wish there were some way to get her back to the US.

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