PS Publishing has posted on their web site that the next issue of Postscripts has started shipping. We should have the regular and signed limited editions of issue 3 in stock within the… nevermind… it just arrived. Here’s the contents:

* Dragon Kings Play Songs of Love by Chaz Brenchley
* Comber by Gene Wolfe
* Curious Green Colours Sleep Furiously by Stephen Volk
* black and green and gold by David Herter
* Dreaming With the Angels by Jack Dann
* Circle Dance by Richard Bowes
* Murders in the White Garden by Garry Kilworth
* Best New Horror by Joe Hill
* Interview with Lois McMaster Bujold by Jayme Lynn Blaschke

This differs from what they list on the web site. I was particularly looking forward to the Di Filippo/Malzberg story that was supposed to appear. The Joe Hill story is a very welcome addition.