Next Issue of Postscripts is on the way

PS Publishing has posted on their web site that the next issue of Postscripts has started shipping. We should have the regular and signed limited editions of issue 3 in stock within the… nevermind… it just arrived. Here’s the contents:

* Dragon Kings Play Songs of Love by Chaz Brenchley
* Comber by Gene Wolfe
* Curious Green Colours Sleep Furiously by Stephen Volk
* black and green and gold by David Herter
* Dreaming With the Angels by Jack Dann
* Circle Dance by Richard Bowes
* Murders in the White Garden by Garry Kilworth
* Best New Horror by Joe Hill
* Interview with Lois McMaster Bujold by Jayme Lynn Blaschke

This differs from what they list on the web site. I was particularly looking forward to the Di Filippo/Malzberg story that was supposed to appear. The Joe Hill story is a very welcome addition.


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