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New Magazine: Apex

Dark science fiction magazine Apex will publish its first issue in mid-March and we’ve just added them to the store for preorder. Here’s the table of contents for issue #1:

* Permutations by M.M. Buckner
* The Throne Room by J. Stern
* Thrilling Wonder Stories #52: The Invasion of the Zog by Lavie Tidhar
* New World, Old World by Chris Stires
* Training Ground by Jonette Stabbert
* Allergies – Christine Murphy
* The Conservation of Thelos by Lawrence Schoen
* A Place in the Sun by Doug Hewitt
* Layers by Mike Simon
* Ph: Partially Human by Anna Parrish
* His Cross to Bear by Liam Rands

* Book Reviews by William Lengeman III & Erin Gold
* Editorial: Science Fiction, the Real Horror by Gill Ainsworth
* Jon Hodges Interviewed by Jason Sizemore

Cover Art:
Justin Stewart

I read Buckner’s Hyperthought shortly after it was nominated for a PKD Award. I’ve been meaning to read the latest, Neurolink, but it’s busy languishing in the tbr pile.

Anyhow, I’m looking forward to checking this one out. Always happy to find another magazine.



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  1. Neurolink is actually pretty good. I haven’t read Hyperthought.

  2. Hey! Did you get all the info for my poetry collection to put it up or no? Just wondering…I don’t know how this is working with poetry as opposed to fiction.

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