With two kids underfoot, I get free time in chunks that are more suitable to reading short stories than anything else. I’ve always loved them, but this situation has pushed me to another level. At any time, I have at least one collection and a couple of magazines in progress. Time for novels is squeezed in and around these.

I’ve been eagerly awaiting issue #2 of Postscripts Magazine and our shipment finally arrived today. PS Publishing has produced some great novellas, so I’ve had high expectations for this one. The first was a nice showing and having the signed edition was an extra plus. (I’m a huge James Blaylock fan.) After the kids go to bed and all the orders are packed, I’m going to find a nice comfy spot to sit back and read. Maybe I’ll light the fireplace. Yeah, that sounds good…

And tomorrow I’ll start wondering when Subterranean Magazine will ship.