Just received my schedule for Readercon:

Sunday July 14

9:00 AM CL Kaffeeklatsch.
Neil Clarke, Amanda Downum

10:00 AM G Digital Marginalia: A Conversation with Your Future Self.
Neil Clarke, Michael J. DeLuca, David G. Shaw (moderator), Ruth Sternglantz, Gayle Surrette.
Electronic reading devices allow us to carry huge libraries wherever we go. They also provide us with the ability to highlight, annotate, and share what we read. In a 2012 blog post, Clive Thompson described this enhanced reading experience as “a conversation with the author, with yourself, and in a weird way, if you take it along as a lifelong project… a conversation with your future self.” According to Craig Mod, “The book of the past reveals its individual experience uniquely. The book of the future reveals our collective experience uniquely.” What tools will we embed within digital texts to signal this shifting relationship with literature, and how will readers use them?

I’ll also have a table in the Dealer’s Room, so you can find me there on most other days.