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My first panel

I’ve just received confirmation that I’ll be on a panel at Capclave this coming weekend:

The Future of Small Press Magazines
Edmund R. Schubert (Orson Scott Card’s Intergalatic Medicine Show), Sean Wallace (Fantasy Magazine), Lawrence Watt-Evans (Helix), Neil Clarke (Clarkesworld Magazine)

I’ve never been on a panel at a convention before. This should be fun. I think. 🙂

So… any panel veterans have some words of advice?


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  1. Go to the bathroom before the panel. 🙂

    Seriously, I always bring some paper and a pen – you don’t want to interrupt your panel-mates, but you want to keep track of who said what so that you can respond appropriately.

    If you have specific points that you want to make, jot them down ahead of time, so that you can keep track of what you’ve said and what remains to be said.

    Most importantly, though, have fun!


    • 🙂 Thanks! Excellent suggestions and I’ll be following all of them. Knowing how my mind works (or doesn’t), a pad of paper is a must.

      • Mindy gave great advice. A couple of other thoughts.

        One thing I like to do is to write down the names of my fellow panelists. Helps keep me from blanking in case there’s someone I haven’t met before.

        I also bring my own bottle of water just in case the room doesn’t have water for the speakers.

        And, as Nick said, relax and have fun.

        • That’s a good idea. I’m terrible with names and there are two panelists that I don’t already know. Thanks!

    • Going to the bathroom before the panel? Why do that when everyone involved is more likely to remember you if you go during? True, attendees of ReaderCon in 1999 can’t remember a damn thing about what Paul T. Riddell ever wrote, but they sure as hell remember that he had a bladder the size of a watermelon. I think he drowned two members of the audience, and that was before he started aiming.

  2. Mindy has good advice, especially the bathroom one. On top of that, just relax and enjoy yourself. Remember it’s nothing more than a fun conversation with some people watching. Also, whenever you feel yourself about to “uh” or “um,” replace it with “oh fuck.” 😉

  3. Yeah, relax! What the hell, you’re a small press publisher now, and with a unique venue/philosophy. You’ll have plenty to say. 🙂

    • Thanks! Everyone on this panel has some experience with online magazines, but the business models for all three are different. Even if no one shows up, it should be an interesting conversation.

  4. If you bring the 300-pound Samoan attorney, make sure he can fit in checked-in luggage. You do NOT want him in your carry-on bag.

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