Next weekend, I’ll be attending Capclave in Rockville, MD. Most of the time, I’ll be in the Dealer’s Room, but they also have me signed up to be on these panels:

Do U Rd on Scrn
Fri 6pm Montrose
Traci Castleberry, Neil Clarke, Sean Wallace, Jean Marie Ward
How is technology changing writing and reading? Do you write differently on a computer than pen or typewriter? Do you read differently on the Internet? How will e-texts, audible books, and the Kindle change the act of reading? How will writers write for readers accustomed to reading twitters and text messages?

Is the Face of Short Fiction Changing?
Sat 12pm Montrose
Kathryn Cramer, Neil Clarke, Edmund Schubert, Sean Wallace
As the traditional digest magazines shrink in both size and audience, what are some of the new vehicles for short stories? What new roles are being played by the small press, web magazines, corporate supported sites? Anthologies? What can be done to save short fiction?

What Editors Want

Sat 7pm Twinbrook
Edmund Schubert, Neil Clarke, David Hartwell, Moshe Feder
Editors discuss what they are looking for in a manscript and what authors can do to increase their chances of selling a story or book. What is within the author’s control? How does the editor make the decision, how quickly, and on what basis?