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My Boskone Schedule

Somehow I missed the arrival of my Boskone schedule. Looks like I have a few panels this weekend:

Saturday 10am Summing Up a Decade of SF, Fantasy, and Horror: 2000-2009
Neil Clarke (M), Don D’Ammassa, Jack M. Haringa, David G. Hartwell, Eleanor Wood

Let’s survey the good, the bad, and the ugly genre works of the decade just past. Bring your opinions, and keep your ears open for recommendations on great stuff you missed.

Saturday 1pm The Small Press: Bigger Than Ever?
Neil Clarke, Gavin Grant, Valerie L. Grimm, Joe Hill

Boutique publishers and small presses are publishing more of the best stuff in the field every year. True? Who? How? Why? And what about the future? What’s the role of the small press in a world dominated by e-books?

Saturday 3pm Kaffeeklatsch
Neil Clarke, Beth Meacham

Saturday 4pm Changing the Best Semi-Prozine Hugo
Neil Clarke, David G. Hartwell, Mark L. Olson (M), Ben Yalow

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the Best Semi-Prozine Hugo category needs repair. Everything else is open to debate. Since four members of the WSFS committee charged with developing a proposed replacement will be at Boskone, we are taking the opportunity to have a public discussion of the issues. Everyone is welcome to as smoffy an event as you’ll ever see!

Sunday 11am The e-Book Market
Jeffrey A. Carver, Neil Clarke (M), John R. Douglas, Gavin Grant, Charles Stross, Eleanor Wood

E-books appear to be the wave of the future. How does a professional who wishes to continue to make a living surf that wave?

Sunday 2pm New Fantasy — For Girls Only?
Neil Clarke (M), Leah Cypess

The writer Shauna Roberts observes that publishers think boys won’t read about girls, but girls will read about boys [as well as about girls]. Do publishers really think that? Is it true? Why? If that’s the dominant paradigm, do fantasies where the protagonist is a kickass warrior, assassin, or thief represent attempts at overcoming it — or do girls just want to have fun?

I seem to have inherited a reading too, but I think I may have to drop that. I thought I might be able to pull together a small CW reading, but with 30 minutes and no time to recruit, it may not be worth the effort.


Quick Clarkesworld Update


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  1. Don’t forget to have fun 🙂

  2. Really enjoyed the e-Book Market panel!

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