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More Ultramas

No disrespect intended (the scene will be returned to "normal" later), but for now… we present the Ultramas Manger scene, complete with beasts (Birdon, Red King, Baltan, and King Joe), three wise ultras on the right providing cover, and Mother of Ultra and Father of Ultra holding baby Ultraman Jonias while Ultraman King supervises. Tacky giant Santa head approves.

Yeah… I’m probably going to hell for this.


Merry Ultramas!


Jay Lake, Gardner Dozois, and Clarkesworld


  1. Coolest Christmas decorations I’ve ever seen, Neil. I am deeply impressed.

  2. No, you’re going to Awesome Ultraman Heaven for this!

  3. That so kicks ass!

  4. Made of win!

  5. Haha. Nice. Thanks for this.

  6. AWESOME!!

    My friend has her tree decorated with mexican wrestlers (her brother’s collection) and handblown glass ornaments (she’s a glass artist). It’s nearly as awesome as this.

  7. Here via – Ultraman would approve, and so do I.

  8. “Yeah… I’m probably going to hell for this.”

    If so, then I want to go to hell too.

  9. It’s the perfect scene for a Planet Ultra Christmas.

    I’d be wary of Baltan though…

  10. No, indeed, I think you are made of WIN! That is hands-down the best nativity scene ever!

  11. well worth going to Hell for, I reckon!

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