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More Readercon signings lined up

Since my last Readercon update, I’ve managed to make arrangements with Paul Park, Alexander Jablokov, Nick Mamatas, and China Mieville. Nick recently signed all our copies of the trade paperback edition of Move Underground, so I’m bringing all my remaining stock of his other books. Alexander wrote a bunch of books I enjoyed in the 90s. The good news is that he’s working on a new novel and has a story in the August Asimovs, which I should have soon.

Thanks to Paul at Earthling Books for getting us in touch with China Mieville.

Still waiting on a bunch of others to reply. I’m beginning to think I should try one more time. It’s quite possible I’m the victim of spam filters.


Dreaming about possibilities


Teatro Grottesco by Thomas Ligotti


  1. “It’s quite possible I’m the victim of spam filters.”

    IT is quite possible since you probably used the Header- “Increase your Penis Size by Signing Your books for me.” when you emailed them.

  2. Anonymous

    See you there Neil! I’ll be working at the Small Beer Press table, shilling copies of Electric Velocipede.

    John Klima

  3. I just sent my registration in at the last minute, so I’ll probably be there Saturday all day and a bit of Sunday afternoon. Hope to see you for more than the three minutes we spoke at the Stokers.

  4. I’d offer goodies to be autographed, but (a) I won’t be at Readercon and (b) I still don’t know the release dates for Greasing the Pan and The Savage Pen of Onan. Next time, though?

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