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I was going to ask people for help weeks ago, but then Night Shade Books beat me to the punch.  It seems we both have annual anthologies that we’d like to come up with names for.  In my case, it’s the annual Clarkesworld Magazine Anthology.   I’ve been banging my head against a wall trying to come up with something good and have gotten nowhere.  The one thing we know is that Clarkesworld will not be in the title, but it could be in a subtitle.

So, anyone feeling creative today?

Update:  Just so we’re clear, we’re not dropping the Clarkesworld name from the title because of possible associations with Arthur C. Clarke.  We want a title that will be more marketable.

20 thoughts on “More Name Stuff

  1. newroticgirl says:

    Apparently I’m feeling corny, but not creative. The first thing in my head was a takeoff on the numm-a-licious Clark Bar. Maybe I should go have a snack, huh?

    Clark B.A.R. (best annual roundup or some other such nonsense)
    Clarke’s Bar
    etc etc

    *ducks under the desk ready for fallout*

  2. ex_girlanach985 says:

    title suggestions.

    Here are my suggestions:

    “Clarke’s Opus” or
    “The Science Fiction Odyssey”
    or “2001: A Clarkesworld Odyssey.”

    (Hey, it’s 6 in the morning…give me a break lol.)

    What is the theme of the anthology? That might help us come up with a better title. 🙂

  3. jeff_h says:

    Well, since Night Shade decided to go with something else, I’ll post a few titles I suggested for their antho:



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