More Clarkesworld Books Bestsellers of 2005 Data

Like the listing of bestselling books and magazines I posted yesterday, these are based on sales of books between January 1, 2005 and December 31, 2005.

Bestselling Authors for 2005
1 – Steven Erikson
2 – Brian Keene
3 – Ian Cameron Esslemont
4 – Neil Gaiman
5 – Charles de Lint
6 – Terry Pratchett
7 – Dan Simmons
8 – George R. R. Martin
9 – Tim Lebbon
10 – Gary Braunbeck

Bestselling Publishers for 2005
1 – TOR
2 – HarperCollins
3 – Penguin
4 – PS Publishing
5 – Subterranean Press
6 – Random House
7 – Leisure Books
8 – Prime/Wildside
9 – Golden Gryphon
10 – Night Shade Books

I want to try making a bestselling publisher list based on average sales per title, but that’s going to take a little bit of time and I don’t have it today.

BTW, is it best-selling, best selling, or bestselling? Tried searching for the answer, but I found it used each way by people who should know better.


One thought on “More Clarkesworld Books Bestsellers of 2005 Data

  1. Anonymous says:


    I’m happy to know I might be able to actually help out with this one. My first thought was that it should be “best-selling,” so I decided to check a couple of sources. does indeed list “best-seller” and “best-selling,” but not best seller, etc.
    Unfortunately, the AP Stylebook (sorry, but I’m a journalist) lists “best seller.” So, I guess either of those would be acceptable, though I’d probably go with the dictionary definition. 😉
    There’s my geeky moment for the day!

    — Christa J.

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