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Missing time and a Giant Load of Rats

It’s been over a week since I last posted here and what a week it has been. I had the misfortune of contracting a rather ugly stomach virus from my son and spent several days trying to get rid of it. Had to play catch up on bookstore orders, add all the new books scheduled through December to the catalog, went for a job interview at a university in NY (seems interesting) and today we all went to a birthday party.

As we’re pulling into the driveway tonight, I noticed a large pile of boxes by the door. As I carried my sleeping son past, I noticed it was from EARTHLING PUBLICATIONS. After putting the kids to bed, I rescued the boxes from the porch and told my wife that we have rats, King Rats. She didn’t get it.

Well, Monday I start shipping all orders of the signed limited slipcased edition of KING RAT by China Mieville. Looks like they did a very nice job on this book. The first copy out of the box is now a part of my collection. I should have a few copies left when were done shipping preorders, so if you’re looking for one… we have it at a discount.

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Clarkesworld Bestsellers: Week Ending April 24, 2005

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  1. Nice! I’m glad they’ve come out with a special edition of the book.

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