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March Lion has been sighted in Stirling

I’ve lived in this house for ten years and I’ve never seen winds like we’re having tonight. About an hour ago, one of the largest trees on our property was snapped and blown down into our yard.  It’s over a yard in diameter and now lay across our driveway and parallel to our house. On it’s way down, it chopped 8 inch thick branches off another tree directly in front of the house. Those branches were originally at the height of the second story of our home and about 30 feet from the other tree. 

There is wood everywhere.  Huge branches impaled our lawn.  It missed the car, but the back window and door of the van was smashed by a huge branch broken from the tree.  Other than that, it fell perfectly between the house and the power lines.  A couple of degrees further and it’s likely it would have fallen into the other tree it damaged and pushed it straight into and through our house.

We’re counting our blessings tonight.


By order of Congress… move your magazine online


The damage revealed by daylight


  1. Yikes! I’m glad you’re okay.

  2. Wow. Glad you’re safe.

  3. Good thing you sacrificed that goat last week. Unbelievable.

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