The March fiction submission statistics for Clarkesworld Magazine are very similar to those for February. There were very minor increases in submissions from men and people outside the United States. The only category with any statistically valid changes was first time submissions, where we saw a significant increase in the number of submissions from returning female authors.

Submissions Processed: 431

Average Response Time: 1.40 days

Gender Breakdown:
279 Men (64.73%), 0 acceptances
152 Women (35.27%), 1 acceptance

First Time Submissions*:
164 Men (58.78% of all submissions from men)
84 Women (55.26% of all submissions from women)

Countries with Two or More Submissions:

US 76.33%
Canada 6.5%
UK 6.26%
Australia 3.94%
Germany 1.39%
Taiwan 0.46%
Thailand 0.46%
India 0.46%
Sweden 0.46%
Ireland 0.46%
Republic of Korea 0.46

* The tracking system has only been in place since September 2008, so "first time" may actually be first time since then.