I’ll be attending Lunacon in Rye Brook NY this weekend and participating in the following panels:

The Changing Publishing Paradigm – Saturday 2:00pm
Westchester Ballroom A1
John R. Douglas (moderator), Sheila Williams, Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Ian Randal Strock, Neil Clarke
Everything is changing: mergers, formats, lack of stigma for self-publishing – and just when you think e-books will take over — sales are flat for e-books, but not print. Our panelist analyze the past, and look forward to the future of publishing.

Survival skills of Marketer/Publisher/Editor – Sunday 10:00am
William Odelle
Bianca D’Arc (moderator), Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Andrew Wheeler, Neil Clarke
Moving beyond the print paradigm — Publishing needs a community, while acting as the “distributor” and “marketer” for the works of the author/creator…

The Resurgence of the Short(er) Story – Sunday 11:00am
Barbara Krasnoff (moderator), Ken Altabef, Alex Shvartsman, Sheila Williams, James Chambers, Neil Clarke
So many collections, print and online magazines and other outlets — Is this a fad? Or, do readers really like short fiction again?