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Look what just landed under our Christmas Tree

Clarkesworld Magazine‘s Hugo Award arrived today. Can’t wait to show the kids!


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  1. Now if only there were a way to mount it on top of the tree…

  2. Yay, Neil! Very nice topper on a good year, even if not on the tree.

  3. Looks great there ;o)

  4. Hurray, just in time!

    And very pretty! Congrats again.

  5. Full circle. I voted for it. I saw it presented. I took a picture of it in Melbourne with Cheryl sitting behind it at her computer in the huge convention centre hall at some ungodly hour in the morning, and here it is! How cool. Congratulations again.

  6. What a beautiful Christmas present.

  7. Gorgeous! That rocket has gone through adventures 😀

  8. Congrats. That is an awesome trophy.

    Too bad they don’t make it a radio controlled rocket. *grin*

  9. Anonymous

    So totally cool. Huge congrats, and well deserved!

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