Locus Poll and Clarkesworld Magazine

The detailed results for the Locus Poll are out and I’m very pleased by Clarkesworld Magazine’s finish in the magazine category:

Clarkesworld placed 20th. (15 first place votes) [new to the poll]

We only published three issues in 2006 (6 stories), so this is completely unexpected.  Thanks to everyone who voted for us, especially those 15 people who submitted first place votes.  I hope we’re continuing to live up to your expectations.


4 thoughts on “Locus Poll and Clarkesworld Magazine

  1. wyrmadmin says:

    Thanks! Talebones was one of the ones I thought should have placed higher on the list than it did. Heck, there were even a couple that didn’t make the list that completely surprised me. These things never cease to amaze me.

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