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Apparently, 2012 has tasked me with making lemonade from big batch of lemons. Heart attack, kidney stone, broken wisdom tooth, defibrillator, hurricane, and having to find a new job… it’s exhausting just to think about it. So much so, that I just can’t talk about right now. I do want my friends to know that I’m hanging in there and getting the medical attention I need. Health and family are my top priorities at the moment.

People have been asking how they can help, so here are a few things that come to mind:

Clarkesworld Magazine Subscriptions
Looking at the long-term, this has the biggest impact. Obviously, you can subscribe, but like with the rest of these, marketing assistance is also very helpful. By purchasing or spreading the word, you push the magazine a bit closer to becoming a professional business that can pay the staff. We earn even more if you use or direct people to the affiliate links on this page.

Clarkesworld Ebook and Print Editions
The Wyrm Publishing ebook store (Amazon, Weightless, Wizards Tower, and B&N) all have the back issues of the Clarkesworld ebooks that have been made. We’ve also just created print editions of the 2012 issues of Clarkesworld (2011 and further back are under development). They can be found here.

Clarkesworld Print Subscriptions
Now that we have print copies of issues available, people have been asking about print subscriptions. Shipping, however, makes them rather expensive to do issue-by-issue. (about $7 per month) Would there be interest in receiving the print issues on a quarterly basis? (about $16 per quarter) Or in some other creative combo packs like a whole year of back issues? (for $60)

Become a Clarkesworld Citizen (Donate) or use our Affiliate Links
We’ve been offering a PBS-style donation program that gets you listed as a citizen, burgermeister, royalty or overlord in the census listed at the back of our anthologies. Shopping at Amazon or Weightless? We’ll get a cut if you follow the links from our site. Look here to find out more about these options.

Wyrm Publishing
I am also the owner of the fairly erratic small press, Wyrm Publishing. I have an inventory of books that could turn into short-term income. Signed limited editions, chapbooks, trade paperbacks, etc. (Charles Stross, Catherynne M. Valente, Clarkesworld anthologies, Jeff VanderMeer, Tobias S. Buckell and more)  I’ve put a lot of our books on sale, so maybe you can find a nice present for someone (or yourself).

Ebook Design
As some of you know, I do freelance ebook design for Prime, Cheeky Frawg, Lightspeed, Electric Velocipede and a few others. Need someone to build an ebook for you? Use the contact form on this page and let me know what you’d like to do. I have enough time to take on a few new clients.

My Wife’s Business
If you are also (or more) into polymer clay, fabric or yarn, you can check out my wife’s ebook tutuorials, crochet hooks, jewelry and pens.

Clarkesworld Books
I’ve considered temporarily reopening the bookstore to sell off more inventory at crazy prices, but unlike Wyrm’s inventory, the bookstore’s isn’t easy to get at when you aren’t supposed to be moving heavy boxes. I may try to do top-box sales where I look in the boxes I can get at and list those books for sale on this blog. This will take a few days to organize.

I have to add that I am simply overwhelmed by all the support I’ve received in the last 24-hours. Between the retweets, well wishes and independent efforts to start a subscription drive… thank you! It’s been very uplifting and I’ll never forget that.




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  1. Oh my god, Neil, you lost your job? That’s terrible. I’m so sorry. Please keep us posted on what we can do. My thoughts are with you.

  2. kij

    Neil, I am so sorry! Blech.

  3. Sam Lubell

    Sorry to hear this news. I hope 2013 is better for you.

    I just bought your first two Clarkesworld anthologies and a subscription.

  4. Bjoern H.

    Hi Neil,

    keep your head up and your great work running:) I’ve had many great hours with Clarkesworld. And subscribed to the mag, of course.

    Best wishes to you and your family,

    Bjoern H., Germany.

  5. Blorg

    Neil can you post your resume so we can try to help you find a job???

    • I’ve been somewhat reluctant to do that, but if someone has leads on an educational technology (k-12 or higher education) or even a genre publishing position in the NJ area, they can use the contact form on this page to let me know.

  6. Nico

    Wanted to subscribe on Amazon, but option to transfer to Kindle for PC is greyed out (on the trial subscription). Is that something the publisher decides? All my other purchases can be transfered to my pc.

    • Kindle for the PC doesn’t support subscriptions. Customers (and publishers) have been after them to add this for a long time. A possible work-around would be to buy a mobi subscription from Weightless Books. Kindle for PC should be able to read that file.

  7. Neil, you and Kate Baker do such terrific work! I love the stories that you select and Kate is a fantastic narrator. I know that you’ve both had your challenges with health this year. Hang in there and keep up the great work! As a small way of helping out, I just ponied up for an Amazon subscription.

  8. Bev

    So sorry to hear about your troubles. My husband and I will get subscriptions to your magazine. We will post it on our websites for our writing groups. Look at this as a golden opportunity to make your magazine profitable. God just told you to slow and write and edit. God Bless.

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