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Joshua Palmatier’s The Skewed Throne – Contest Reminder

The Skewed Throne Contest

Joshua (jpsorrow) Palmatier’s new fantasy novel, The Skewed Throne, will be published by Daw in just a few weeks. I’ve received an ARC that I plan to read this week and you can check out the first chapter on his website.

We’re taking preorders for first edition signed copies and one customer who preorders before Midnight on December 31st, 2005 will receive their copy for free. Along with the book, they’ll receive a special prize from Joshua.

The weapon of choice for the Assassins in The Skewed Throne is a dagger. Joshua will choose one of these dagger pens as an additional prize for our winner. (He hasn’t decided which pen yet.)

Preorder now and support your fellow Livejournal friends. Time is running out!

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  1. Is this a YA novel?

    • Publisher’s Weekly seemed to think so, going so far as to say it would appeal to the young adult market. There’s nothing extremely graphic in the novel (violence or sex wise) but the main character IS an assassin . . . so deaths are involved. If you check out the excerpt linked to, you’ll get a good idea of the extent of the violence (and sex) involved in the novel.

      • Thanks. The PW review was the reason I asked.

        • I was surprised by the PW statement that it would appeal to YAs. That was not the intended market and I do not think it is a YA book, except in the sense that it isn’t graphic . . . or at least gratuitously graphic.

          I think it’s a good adult fantasy without being trashy. But I’m biased. *grin*

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