It’s just closing, but here’s the real reason…

It appears that some people don’t believe that the bookstore isn’t closing for financial reasons.  Fine, be that way.  Would it have been easier to swallow if had claimed that aliens came to me one night and said:

“These books must go!  We are tired of tripping over them each month when we come to take your family away for experimentation.  Tomorrow you will begin the process of closing this business down or we will be forced to dust off the probe!  Oh and by the way, that baby wasn’t an oops, it’s exactly what we planned.”

They seem ok with me going into publishing.

8 thoughts on “It’s just closing, but here’s the real reason…

  1. teratologist says:

    I hate to break it to you, but those aliens are just a false memory implanted by the Illuminati, who clearly object to you selling books because you failed to ensure that the number of volumes in stock was always a multiple of 23.

  2. horrorofitall says:

    Just tell them yes you made enough money and you decided to retire to the South Pacific. And that they, too, should open an online bookstore and make millions like you did.

  3. lokilokust says:

    as expensive as publishing can be, it seems to be nowhere close to how expensive running a mailorder would be.
    plus as a publisher, you’re only going to have to worry about a handful of titles, at most, instead of billions.

    • wyrmadmin says:

      Exactly. And with an endorsement from aliens, bigfoot, and (just recently) Nessie, how can I pass up the opportunity to stick around the genre?

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