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    • wyrmadmin says:

      I read Enemy and Healer when Stealth Press did hardcovers a few years ago. Never read Wheels though, so I’ll be adding that one to my pile when it’s published. I grabbed this from the Infrapress web site:

      The LaNague Chronology.
      (From The LaNague Chronicles (Baen, 1992) by F. Paul Wilson)

      * “Lipidleggin'” (included in An Enemy of the State)
      * An Enemy of the State
      * Dydeetown World*
      * The Tery*
      * Healer I
      * “To Fill The Sea and Air” (included in Healer)
      * Healer II
      * “The Man With The Anteaters” (included in Wheels Within Wheels)
      * Healer III
      * “Higher Centers” (included in Wheels Within Wheels)
      * Wheels within Wheels
      * “Ratman”(included in An Enemy of the State)
      * Healer IV
      * Healer V

      The five “Healers” listed above are the five sections of the single novel of the same name. They span a great deal of time in the LaNague universe. *Dydeetown World and The Tery are peripheral (connected more by the author’s whim than anything else) Neither participates in the socioeconomic and political themes that drive the three true LaNague novels.

      Hope that helps.


      • gastonmonescu says:

        I’ve read “Lipidleggin'” and Dydeetown World (which is a great little futuristic P.I./noir novel), but never realized they were part of this series. Thanks so much for the list; very comprehensive.

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