I wonder what the neighbors will think

Lisa is attending the National Polymer Clay Guild Synergy Conference in Baltimore, so the boys and I are home alone. There was enough snow last night that none of us had to go to school or work today, so we decided to have a little fun.

Aidan named the monster Zieful.  The snowman will just be Snowman #1.  We don’t expect him to survive.

38 thoughts on “I wonder what the neighbors will think

  1. plattcave says:

    Awesome! I’ve never had neighbors that cool. No fair!

    I also looked at your wife’s site (from the link above). She does very nice work! My wife does some work in polymer clay, and hopes to return to the craft-show circuit this spring.

    • wyrmadmin says:

      Thanks! Does your wife sell any of her work on Etsy? Lisa started putting some of her pieces up on that site and seems happy with the way it works.

  2. stale_hermit says:

    My six-yr-old son (also a big Calvin & Hobbes fan) says Zieful is “very cool” and I gotta agree.

    After “Snowman #1” buys the farm, you could replace him with a bunch of very small snow people running in fear.

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