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I wonder what the neighbors will think

Lisa is attending the National Polymer Clay Guild Synergy Conference in Baltimore, so the boys and I are home alone. There was enough snow last night that none of us had to go to school or work today, so we decided to have a little fun.

Aidan named the monster Zieful.  The snowman will just be Snowman #1.  We don’t expect him to survive.


Back from Boskone


Public speaking induced brain drain


  1. Awesome! Does your son perchance have spiky yellow hair and a stuffed tiger named Hobbes?

    • Actually, the snowman was originally going to be Ultraman, but the monster took a lot longer to build than I expected. I had to cut things short to get Eamonn inside. He spent a lot of time making headless snow angels and was soaked.

      • For a moment — just for a moment — I thought you meant get Eamonn inside the snowman I was filled with equal measures of horror and admiration. And then I realized you meant inside the house. I guess that’s good. 🙂

  2. My money’s on Zieful.

  3. Hopefully your neighbors recognize awesome when they see it.

  4. Very Calvin and Hobbes!

  5. I hereby crown you Coolest Dad Evar.

  6. Best snow man person creature ever!

  7. That’s hilarious! My daughter would like that one too, except she’d make the snowman a sword.

  8. I love it! That is made of all kinds of awesome!

    I too was thinking Attack of the Snow Goons from Calvin and Hobbes.
    Or Godzilla Eats…

  9. OMG that is so totally cool.

  10. If this green snow comes from the same place as yellow snow, then someone in your family needs to see a doctor – STAT!

  11. I think you spent too much time with the peeps at Boskone.

  12. Thats awesome! I totally wish you were my neighbor! 🙂

  13. Ha, very nice! Zieful knows what it wants, gets what it wants.

  14. Awesome! I’ve never had neighbors that cool. No fair!

    I also looked at your wife’s site (from the link above). She does very nice work! My wife does some work in polymer clay, and hopes to return to the craft-show circuit this spring.

    • Thanks! Does your wife sell any of her work on Etsy? Lisa started putting some of her pieces up on that site and seems happy with the way it works.

  15. I think between Tacky Santa and these [wicked cool]snow creatures, if this were Survivor:Stirling, we’d be the first family voted off the island…

  16. My six-yr-old son (also a big Calvin & Hobbes fan) says Zieful is “very cool” and I gotta agree.

    After “Snowman #1” buys the farm, you could replace him with a bunch of very small snow people running in fear.

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