HWA Annual Conference and the Stokers

It looks like I’ll be at the Stokers on Friday and Saturday. We already had plans for Sunday (Father’s Day) so I won’t be around then. Who else will be there? Anyone have a schedule yet?

8 thoughts on “HWA Annual Conference and the Stokers

  1. mssrcrankypants says:

    I haven’t seen anything about a schedule–I suppose I’ll just have to stand in the lobby impatiently on Friday and wait for someone to hand me something. Or solicit me. I’m not really sure how things work in Newark.

    • wyrmadmin says:

      It would be nice to know what time to stand in the lobby, but I can’t even find that!

      Don’t accept anything from strangers in Newark (NJ or DE). Fortunately, the hotel isn’t actually in Newark, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

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