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Help Keep my Wife Sane Sale

I run Clarkesworld out of my house, which means that there are a lot of books in here with us. Unfortunately, my wife is approaching her wit’s end. I love her too much to let her unravel beneath the growing inventory, so her mental anguish will become everyone else’s gain. We are running the largest sale we’ve ever undertaken. Nearly 1500 books have had their prices cut!

Help spread the word and keep my wife from totally losing it. 🙂




Keep My Wife Sane Pt. 2


  1. Bahaha! That’s the best reason for a sale I’ve ever heard, I’ll take a proper look if it’s still running when I’m back from Oslo – awesome!

    • While I won’t be making any money at these prices, I will have a happier wife and that’s worth a lot. Can’t think of a better reason for a sale. 🙂

  2. Damn you Neil!!!!!

    Well you just got an order for a few

  3. Hey Neil… you sell gift certificates? People have been asking me what I want for christmas — I’d love to tell them a GC from Clarkesworld.

  4. You are an evil evil man Neil.

    Well I suppose my family can go without Christmas presents.

    Put a link to the sale up at my blog.

  5. A friend recommended your site to me and I just placed my first order *and* added you so I can keep track of your sales 🙂

    And I’m linking to you and your sale on my journal because I want all my friends to pick up Kelley Armstrong’s books 🙂

    • Thanks! Two of Kelley’s books (Dime Store Magic and Industrial Magic) have already been cleared out. Much to my wife’s distress, I placed an order for more yesterday. 🙂

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