Happy New Year! I’m so glad to see the end of 2007. Kicked off the new year by watching the ball drop on TV with Lisa and the kids. They actually made it to midnight, but it seems like they crashed when they hit the pillow a few minutes ago. If we could only bottle that.

Because I’m nuts, I just spent a few minutes making the new issue of Clarkesworld Magazine live. It’s a short one, but a fun one. Enjoy!

(click image for full size)

Vote for the Best
2007 Clarkesworld Story

The River Boy
by Tim Pratt

Debris Ensuing from a Supervortex
by Brian Ames

Countdown to Singularity:
A Conversation with
Vernor Vinge
by Shaun Farrell

Interview with Daniel Abraham
by Tobias Buckell

“Fractured Thoughts”
by Ray Toh