Happy Birthday Aidan

Today is my son’s 5th birthday. He’s a whole hand years old and there hasn’t been a day where I haven’t been enriched by his existance. I’ve had some of the worst events of my life happen while he’s been alive, but he’s balanced it out. I couldn’t ask for a better kid (and this is not a slight on his younger brother).

Yes, this is way off my usual topics here, but some things have to be said. Happy birthday to my little robot-loving, Gamera watching, Lost in Space fan of a son!

Now, I’m off to get some rest and play with his remote control dinosaur. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Aidan

    • wyrmadmin says:


      We all slept very well last night. We had six 5-year-olds for a couple of hours and then family and more friends for about 8 hours. Exhausting, but Aidan had a great time.

      Aidan and his brother Eamonn

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