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FantasyBookSpot is running its annual best book tournament, pitting book against book in a deathmarch to first place. They are down to the final 8 and one of the match-ups is “Under My Roof” by Nick Mamatas vs “Shadowstorm” by Paul S. Kemp. Nick, not wanting to be beaten by a Forgotten Realms tie-in and Hasbro product, threw down a call for supporters. Paul defends his honor and rallies his troops. Nick threatens to eat a baby if he wins. And then…

Paul went and dragged my poor magazine into it in this post.

 Dick Clark’s Hairworld?!! 

Ok folks. I was voting for Nick anyway (“Under My Roof” is a very fun book), but now… Kemp must go down!! 🙂 

Register now and vote Mamatas. Show no mercy.

Edit: Here’s another example to put on the long list of how easily humor can be misread on the internet. It appears that some people took Nick’s comments about shared-worlds too seriously. Nick has asked that his book be withdrawn from the competition. 


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  1. Doesn’t your vote count like a super-delegate, anyway? If it doesn’t, it should.

    I never read Kemp’s book, but I agree UMR is funny as hell. I’m kind of hoping to see it sold in Subversive Value Packs with Doctorow’s Little Brother before too long.

  2. Okay, wow, that whole exchange is kind of awesome. 🙂

    • I’m amused, but it does appear that some people are taking it more seriously. I don’t think the vote is about which is the better book anymore.

      • Anonymous

        True, but I think the more subtle conflict going on is terribly interesting as well, and I’m curious to see how it plays out.

        Anyways, as long as the writers (and I guess you’re an incriminated third party now ~_^) keep it in good fun, then that’s what’s important.

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