Stumped for a holiday gift this year? Why not consider the gift of Clarkesworld citizenship? With your donation of $10 or more to Clarkesworld Magazine, you are entitled to place someone’s name (if not your own) on our official census list. Our census list is published as a special appendix in each volume of Realms, the annual Clarkesworld print anthology.

Want to have more fun? Set yourself up as a Bürgermeister, Royalty or an Overlord and then add your friends/family/enemies as minions in your service. Mix and match. Have some fun. We’ll even list them as your minions online and in print. Want to be more creative than we’ve allowed? Email us.

All donations received this holiday season will be put towards our annual fiction budget. We count on this support to be able to continue to offer you free fiction. Your support means a lot to us.