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Game Over

Thanks for the suggestions, but as of about an hour ago, we have a winner:  Wyrm Publishing.  The submission comes from a friend who chooses to remain anonymous at this time.

I’ve set up a placeholder domain:


Four New Books for One or Two Words


It’s just closing, but here’s the real reason…


  1. I like it!

    Was still holding out hope for the cringeworthy Clarkbar, though. Guess I’ll just have to buy one and eat it in tribute.

  2. a runner-up prize for the suggestion of Bookwyrm?

  3. Any homage to Card’s WYRMS inherent in the choice?

  4. Anonymous

    So long, farewell……

    Well it took a while for me to come back here, but I am so glad you are continuing in the world of books. I am sorry to see CW go and I will be visiting to help clear out the store.

    Good luck on your future projects (books AND baby)!!!!


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