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Four New Books for One or Two Words

The first Clarkesworld Magazine anthology is tentatively scheduled for October 2007.   I’m starting a new small press to handle this project and I’m stumped when it comes to a  name for the company.  I’ve gone through hundreds of names without finding one that sounds right for a genre publisher.  I have a few basic rules:

  1. no Clarke or Clarkesworld references
  2. one or two words maximum
  3. easy to spell
  4. not in use
  5. not like one that is already in use 

At this point, I’m tossing it open to suggestions.  You can post them here or email them to  

What do you get?  Assuming I use your suggestion, in exchange for those one or two words, you’ll get free copies of the first four books I publish.  Of course, this assumes that someone comes up with a good name before I do.

The contest ends when it ends. 

Hmm… did I just say that there would be more books?  Sorry, have to maintain the suspense for a little longer.


Starting Daily Specials


Game Over


  1. Seriously

    Banned! Books

  2. It can’t be Gently Mad Press.

    Cause that’s mine.

    Other than that I got nothing. Though your post reminds me that I have to buy some stuff.

  3. Open Portals


  4. Anansi Press

  5. sparrow press.

  6. I’ve got Dancing Squirrel but I’m not really doing much with it.

  7. Dark Garden Press. Garden, of course, playing up on the Garden State, NJ.

  8. Here’s some random ideas:

    Jaunt Press
    Fabula Obscura Press
    Strange Dimensions Press
    Strange Aspect Press
    Infernal Clockwork Press

    I had some others, but they were already taken. Good luck!

  9. Burger Eater Books (I had to!)
    Far Seer Publishing
    Evil Bird Publishing
    Watching Ear Publishing
    Fearsome Word Publishing.

  10. Dusk to Dawn Books
    Earthworm Publishing
    Bookworm Press (or publishing)
    Bookwyrm Press (or publishing)
    Big Small Press

  11. I think about starting a small press sometimes, and I too have trouble coming up with a name.

    How about Antimatter Books?

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