Feedback Please

Please give me your honest thoughts on this cover art and design. Feel free to consider them separately.

12 thoughts on “Feedback Please

  1. suricattus says:

    I love the cover art. I like the design, with the proviso that my mind translated it to “non-fiction” because of the way the text layout echoes much NF (esp. popular science) layout….

  2. julieandrews says:

    I like the art. The design reads either nonfiction, like a previous commenter said, or ‘classics’.

    And on a more personal level, the design said to me ‘boring’. Which was greatly at odds with the art, which was not boring, but cool.

  3. seawasp says:

    That’s a gorgeous cover.

    I don’t know whether it fits the interior material, but if it does, that’s a great cover.

    The only nit I’d pick on it is that the title is so low down that it won’t be visible in a number of settings.

  4. timesygn says:


    “Fucking beautiful” doesn’t cut it. I mean, this is sumptuous. A visual feast. Truly.

    The black band on the bottom quarter lends the title/author split from the art a definite LITERARY sensibility. Want that? Then go for it. Want something a little more … I dunno’. Mass Market? Expand the artwork down and render the lettering in red or something …

    But whatever you decide … Jesus. Truly. Lovely.

  5. jtglover says:

    Art: lovely.

    Design: understated and feels… literary of the lit-fic variety? Something like that. Elegant. Also, maybe it’s just me, and I’m sure others have more experience with such things, but the title looks a little too close to the bottom of the image. Like, there’s a momentary of slight hesitation or confusion b/t the words and the firs when I’m trying to read it.

  6. shsilver says:

    I like it, but the text doesn’t feel quite right. Part of my says to change the title font. Part of me thinks that if you increase the size of the initial letters in Myths and Origin so they rise above the rest of the word it would solve the “problem.”

    I also think part of my issue is that Cat’s name is in mixed case while everything else is in caps.

  7. samhenderson says:

    I like the artwork very much.
    I’m rubbish at design. I like the font well enough, but after some thought it occurs to me it either is or is similar to a font or fonts I’ve seen a lot of lately.

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