Email Trouble

If you are trying to reach me and not getting a reply, please let me know. I am receiving mail, but outbound mail is occasionally vanishing. It seems to have peaked today with Patriot’s SMPT server flaking out bigtime. If it’s urgent, try IM (clarkesworldbook).

3 thoughts on “Email Trouble

  1. Anonymous says:

    Neil, not sure if you’ve responded to anything I’ve sent recently, but I haven’t seen anything from you in a while. 🙁

    John Klima
    Electric Velocipede

  2. Anonymous says:

    e-mail trouble

    Sent a couple messages that need to get through. I asked you to remove Wings of the Kingdom from the last list of books you had on hand to ship, I had sent an email in late October to that effect. Also, my last invoice/shipment included The Zan Omnibus, but you actually shipped The Transformer Omnibus in the 2 book shipment I received including Zima Blue. So, I still need The Zan Omnibus. I had both books on order. Didn’t want you to send The Transformer Omnibus again.
    Please let me know when you plan to ship again.

    Kenneth W Davis

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