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Earthling Publication announces new Gary Braunbeck collection

HOME BEFORE DARK: The Collected Cedar Hill Stories, Volume Two by Gary A. Braunbeck

To be published this summer in a 750 copy signed hardcover edition and 15 copy lettered edition.

Longer than GRAVEYARD PEOPLE (Volume 1), HOME BEFORE DARK contains 19 tales, including the long-awaited original novella “Kiss of the Mudman,” two classic novellas, excerpts from the Cedar Hill Visitor’s Guide, a page from the local newspaper, and much more, with a full-color wraparound dustjacket and over two dozen interior illustrations.

Available for preorder now.


Clarkesworld Bestsellers: Week Ending March 20th, 2005


Cemetery Dance, Interzone, and The Third Alternative

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  1. Matching numbers

    I’ve confirmed with the publisher that I will be able to get matching numbers for this series. If you place an order with us, please indicate the number of your copy of GRAVEYARD PEOPLE and we’ll get you the matching number for HOME BEFORE DARK.


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