Eamonn’s Adventure

I finally received a call around 3:30 am last night.  I could hear Eamonn getting into trouble in the background, so I knew he was back to his usual self.  Aidan was sound asleep, so I had to wake him up, get him in the car, and head off to the hospital to pick them up.   When we arrived at  the hospital, Eamonn filled us in on his little adventure.  In the ambulance, they gave him a bear.  Lisa filled in the technical parts.  He did have croup and they had to give him steroids.  They gave Lisa some literature on croup, so we wouldn’t freak out again.

After we got home, everyone went to bed.  I stayed with Eamonn and before he went to sleep, he explained to me that he went for a ride in a fire truck.  “Ambulance”, I told him.  “I like the color of fire trucks”, he responded and went fast to sleep.

Thanks to everyone for their words of support last night.

10 thoughts on “Eamonn’s Adventure

    • wyrmadmin says:

      Neither had I. It’s an inflammation of the upper airway that seems to strike children under age 5. From what I’ve read, you can tell by the bark-like cough, but Eamonn was also having some trouble breathing, which does happen occasionally. Since he was crying, when we first came in, he was making it worse. It’s rarely life-threatening, but it certainly sounds scary if you haven’t run into it before.

  1. jenjiyana says:

    glad he’s ok!!! I know how scary that can be. Our 3 month old started choking last week in the middle of the night and i couldnt get him to stop. I was about to call 911 when he had some cries in between the choking and after a few minutes it was all cries and we were able to calm him down.

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