I’ll be attending Detcon from July 17-20th. Here’s my schedule:

Friday, July 18

5pm: The State of Short Fiction
Sarah Hans (moderator), David G. Hartwell, Suzanne Church, Neil Clarke
Editors share authors you should seek out and their favorite stories from last year, and discuss trends and developments in short fiction.

Saturday, July 19

12pm: The State of the Science Fiction Magazine Market
Scott H. Andrews (moderator), Leah Bobet, Neil Clarke, Michael Haynes
Our panelists give their views on the current state of the science fiction magazine market. Is this another golden age? What various business models are in play? How is digital transforming the field? This is a Detention-inspired panel. In 1959 the panelists included editors of Astounding Science Fiction, Amazing Stories, Fantastic Stories, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, and Fantastic Universe.

1pm: What Am I Looking For?
Diana M. Pho (moderator), Richard Flores IV, Kate Baker, Neil Clarke, Sam Morgan, Bryon Quertermous
Agents and editors talk about the sorts of projects that interest them individually and answer general publishing questions.

They didn’t schedule me for a Kaffeeklatsch, so if you were hoping to chat, try catching me after one of my panels (well, not the 12:00 one since I have another panel right after). I won’t have a table in the dealer’s room for this convention, so who knows where I’ll wander.