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Defibrillator Saga, Part Three

After consulting with my insurance company, only one of the three surgeon/hospital combinations recommended to me is covered by my plan. Fortunately, it’s also the surgeon who is the closest and at the hospital where I’ve had most of my cardiac care. They came highly recommended and have excellent reviews, so I’m quite happy with this development.

I’m scheduled to meet with him on the 3rd, so this means the holidays are all mine. The nerves are still present–as is a difficulty sleeping most nights–but it’s a least mildly reassuring to know that there’s nothing else that needs to be done immediately. I have a small list of pre-surgery things to do, but nothing that needs to be done today.

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  1. Mark Pontin

    I admire your steadiness and fortitude, Neil. Happy holiday seasons and the best of luck.

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