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December Issue of Clarkesworld Magazine

Thanks to modern medicine, I had the energy to pull together the last bits of the December issue of Clarkesworld Magazine. It’s up a couple of hours early, since I’m not likely to be awake at the right time. Damn pneumonia.

The story lengths this month allowed us to be a little flexible with this month’s budget and, as luck would have it, Lisa Mantchev had a companion piece to “A Dance Across Embers” available. Enjoy the extra story, but don’t get too used to having it. Next month we’re back two, but I do hope to do this again in the future. Consider this one a holiday gift. 🙂

Now, I’m beginning to get a bit dizzy (thank you cough medicine), so I’ll wander off to bed while you read…





According to my doctor…


Memorare by Gene Wolfe


  1. As my mom would say, you are a Trooper for this…thank you.

    Now concentrate on you for a bit, eh?

    Get well soon.. 🙂

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