Daily Life Intrudes…

My old day job is finally over. I finished up on Wednesday and Thursday I started the new job. Since 1989, I’ve been working in universities. This week, I jumped into the world of K-12 education as a Technology Director for a small private school.

I’m getting up an hour and half earlier than I’m used to and my commute is an hour each way on a good day. If you live in the NJ area, you know this last week has been almost continuous rain, so no good days. As a result, it’s been rough keeping up with all the packing this week and today was email catch-up day, many apologies amoung them. With luck, I’ll get a handle on this new schedule, stop feeling jet-lagged, and be back on track next week. If I have to, I’ll inlist some paid help to make sure the packages keep going out on time. Of course, I’ll have to come up with some clever way to increase sales a bit to pay for that. 🙂

Now I think I’ll take a much-needed break and read some more of Tobias Buckell’s Crystal Rain. He sent me an ARC and I’d like to finish it up tonight. Also picked up Unshattered (CD) by Peter Murphy. Assuming it’s good, it will be on repeat for a few hours.


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